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Keep a clear focus on your sight.

Vision coverage for members enrolled in Medical Plan A or B is offered by MES Vision as a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan. If you are enrolled in Medical Plan C, your vision coverage is offered by Kaiser Permanente.

Using the Plan

As with a traditional PPO, you may take advantage of the highest level of benefit by receiving services from in-network vision providers and doctors. You would be responsible for a copayment at the time of your service. However, if you receive services from an out-of-network doctor, you pay all expenses at the time of service and submit a claim for reimbursement up to the allowed amount.

Any questions pertaining to your vision coverage can be directed to VSP Vision by calling 800.877.7195, or by visiting their website at VSP Vision Care (vspforme.com)

To locate an in-network VSP Vision provider, go to VSP Vision Care (vspforme.com), or click on Find an Eye Care Provider button below.

You can search by location, office or doctor. Available to all VSP members at no extra cost, your benefits go even further when you visit a Premier Edge provider/location – this includes private practice doctors and retail locations nationwide. You can be eligible to receive exclusive rebates, advanced exam technology, and more when seeing a Premier Edge provider.

Find an Eye Care Provider

Practices that display the indicator below on the Find a Doctor page of participate in VSP Premier Edge.

VSP Premier Edge logo

Plan Highlights

VSP Choice Vision PPO

Every Calendar Year$5 Copay
$0 Copay at Premier Edge Providers
Up to $60 Copay for Contact Lens Exam
Up to $73 Reimbursement

Lenses – Every Calendar YearIn-NetworkOut-of-Network
SingleCovered in FullUp to $31 Reimbursement
BifocalCovered in FullUp to $50 Reimbursement
TrifocalCovered in FullUp to $65 Reimbursement

Every Other Calendar Year$175 Retail Allowance
$175 Walmart/Sam’s Club/Costco Allowance
$225 Visionworks/Featured Frame Branda Allowance
20% savings on the amount over your allowance
Up to $70 Reimbursement

Contacts – Every 12 monthsIn-NetworkOut-of-Network
Medically NecessaryCovered in FullUp to $324 Reimbursement
CosmeticUp to $130 AllowanceUp to $115 Reimbursement

Summary of Vision Benefits

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