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The Fresno Unified School District Benefits Department understands the importance of balancing your professional and personal life. We administer health and welfare benefits for FUSD employees, retirees, and their eligible dependents. 

FUSD health and welfare benefits include:

Please note that changes to your health and welfare benefits can only be made during one of the instances below:

  • Within 31 days of your eligibility date – This eligibility window is for newly hired employees or for employee’s returning from an unpaid leave. The district offers an online system that walks you through the process of enrolling into your health and welfare benefits. An email will be sent to your FUSD account with the link to your New Hire enrollment portal.
Learn about Eligibility
  • Within 31 days of a Special Enrollment Event – You qualify for a Special Enrollment Event if you have recently experienced certain life events, including getting married, entering into a Domestic Partnership, having a baby, adopting a child, or obtaining permanent legal guardianship over a child. You have 31 days from the day of the event to fill out a “Special Enrollment Form” and submit it to the Benefits Department.
Learn about Special Enrollment
  • During Open Enrollment – Every year, from October 1st through November 30th, the district hosts its yearly Open Enrollment period. This is your opportunity to make changes to your benefits (such as adding or removing dependents, switch to a different plan, etc.). Changes will take effect January 1st of the following year.
Learn about Open Enrollment

If you have questions, please contact the Benefits Department at 559-457-3520.


2024 Plan Changes – Medical, Dental, and Vision

Waiver of Annual Deductible for Dual-Covered PPO Plan Participants

Effective January 1, 2024, the annual deductible will be waived for all covered family members of a dual-covered member enrolled in the District’s PPO Plan Option A or PPO Plan Option B. To be eligible for this waiver, two District employees or retirees married to one another or in a domestic partnership, must each enroll their spouse/domestic partner as a dependent under their plan.

Additional Coverage for Coinsurance

The Joint Health Management Board and Fresno Unified School District have eliminated the percentage coinsurance that you would pay for medical benefits after your deductible has been met if you are enrolled in Plan Option A (PPO) or Plan Option C (Kaiser Permanente). If you are a Plan Option B (PPO) participant, the percentage co-insurance that you would pay after the deductible has been met has been reduced to 20%.

Vision: New Provider and Plan

Vision coverage for members enrolled in Plan Option A or Option B (PPO) is now provided by VSP Vision as a (PPO) plan. The switch to a new provider also comes with additional in-network benefits, including a higher retail allowance for frames.

To locate an in-network VSP Vision provider, go to www.vsp.com, click on “Find a Doctor.” You can search by location, office or doctor. Any questions pertaining to your vision coverage can be directed to VSP Vision by calling (800) 877-7195, or by visiting the website at www.vsp.com.

Delta Dental Premier Incentive Plan

If you currently have the Delta Dental PPO plan or is changing to Delta Dental PPO plan during Open Enrollment, your dental benefits are being enhanced to Delta Dental Premier Incentive Plan. You will receive additional benefits including up to 100% coverage for many dental services through in-network and out-of-network providers. The plan is on a new tiered structure designed to increase your benefits as you continue receiving dental care every year. This plan is an enhancement of the existing Delta Dental Dental PPO plan.

The new incentive tiered structure applies to preventive services, restorative services, periodontics, endodontics, oral surgery, and crowns & inlays. There is 100% benefits coverage for participants covered by the plan as of December 31, 2023, otherwise: 

  • 70% coverage when receiving dental care for the first year enrolled
    • 80% coverage when receiving dental care for the second straight year while enrolled
    • 90% coverage when receiving dental care for the third straight year while enrolled
    • 100% coverage when receiving dental care for the fourth straight year (or longer) while enrolled

Note: Benefits will decrease by 10% if you do not receive dental care each year.
For further assistance or to find an in-network dentist, contact Delta Dental at (866) 499-3001 or visit www.deltadentalins.com.

United Health Care Dental HMO Updates

Benefits have been increased for the existing United Health Care Dental HMO plan:

  • Composite fillings and root canals are now no charge.
    • All oral surgery, crowns & inlays, and prosthetics & bridges are now no charge.
    • The maximum out-of-pocket expense for 24-month orthodontia services have been reduced to $1,250.

Upcoming Changes – VSP

VSP logo

VSP® Vision Care provides you personalized eye care at VSP network locations with low or no out-of pocket costs.

Value and savings you love.

Save on eyewear and eye care when you see a VSP network doctor. Plus, take advantage of Exclusive Member Extras which provide offers from VSP and leading industry brands totaling more than $3,000 in savings.

Provider choices you want.

With private practice doctors and Visionworks retail locations to choose from nationwide, getting the most out of your benefits is easy at a VSP Premier Edge™ location.

Quality vision care you need.

You’ll get great care from a VSP network doctor, including a WellVision Exam®. An annual eye exam not only helps you see well, but helps a doctor detect signs of eye conditions and
health conditions, like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Using your benefit is easy!

Create an account on vsp.com to view your in-network coverage, find the VSP network doctor who’s right for you, and discover savings with Exclusive Member Extras. At your appointment, just tell them you have VSP.

For more information visit VSP Vision Care (vspforme.com)

Ongoing Events

idwatchdog logo

New: Free Credit Monitoring & Identity Theft Protections from ID Watchdog | Equifax

Effective July 1, 2023, The District now offers free credit monitoring and identity theft protection for all benefit eligible employees and each of their enrolled dependents. This service is provided at no cost to you and your family through ID Watchdog form Equifax www.idwatchdog.com/myplan/FUSD. We invite you to visit their special FUSD microsite to learn more about the no-cost ID Watchdog Essentials plan and the ways they monitor your credit and protect your identity. If you’re interested in activating your free service, please review the information below for more details.

How to Activate Your Free ID Watchdog Account(s)

You may have received an email and/or letter directly from ID Watchdog addressed to you and each of your enrolled dependents separately. If so, both the email (sent by “ID Watchdog Security Team info@idwatchdog.com”) and the letter provide detailed instructions for activating your account(s)-which include both a unique access link and access code – specific to each eligible enrollee.

If you have not yet received any information from ID Watchdog and would still like to activate your account(s) soon, you may contact an ID Watchdog Customer Care Advocate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 866.513.1518.

Once you have enrolled in the service by activating your account, you will begin receiving alerts when credit or identity activity (which could indicate potential fraud) is detected so you can take immediate action if necessary.

Protecting You and Your Family

We are pleased to provide you and your family with these complimentary services to help protect your credit and identity. If you have any questions regarding this benefit or other matters related to your benefit offerings, please feel free to contact the Benefits Department at 559.457.3520.

Fresno Unified is proud to implement the ability for employees to print W-2 and 1095-C Forms from Lawson Employee Self Service (ESS). Current year and prior year W-2 and 1095-C Forms are available in Lawson ESS.

W-2 forms will only be printed for employees who currently receive a pay advice via mail.  These employees do not have access to a computer during working hours and will receive a printed W-2 by January 31.  The IRS is requiring employees to report all earnings earned during a COVID-19 leave.  These earnings will be reported in Box 14 of the W-2.

The 1095-C form includes information about the health insurance coverage offered to you by your employer, specifically for members enrolled in the PPO plans (Plan A or B). For members enrolled in Kaiser Permanente (Plan C), Kaiser will disburse a 1095-B to each employee.

Below are instructions on how to access the W-2 and 1095-C form from work, home, or a mobile device:

FUSD District network:

  • Internet Explorer or Google Chrome: http://go.fresnounified.org/Lawson
  • Log in using your network credentials
  • Click Bookmarks < Employee Self-Service < Benefits < 1095C
  • Click Bookmarks < Employee Self-Service < Pay < W2 Print
  • Select the year to be printed
  • Click the save icon and select PDF to print

Outside of FUSD network:

  • Internet Explorer or Google Chrome: http://go.fresnou.org/fusdpayroll
  • Log in using your network credentials
  • Click on 1095C Print
  • Click on W2 Print
  • Select the year to be printed
  • Click the save icon and select PDF to print

For technical issues when logging into Lawson ESS, please call the Help Desk at 559-457-2600, or submit a Help Ticket at http://go.fresnounifed.org/support.

For questions regarding the W-2 form, please email Payroll at Payrollmainline@fresnounified.org.

For questions regarding the 1095-C form, please email Benefits at FUSDBenefits@fresnounified.org. 

Claremont Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Claremont logo

The Claremont Employee Assistance Program (EAP) helps you resolve personal issues before they become more serious and difficult to manage. You and you eligible family members can receive professional, confidential counseling at no cost. Claremont EAP also provides access to resources such as free legal and financial consultations. They will even draw up a basic Will at no cost! Prioritize yourself and reach out to the free, confidential, and extremely valuable program. Visit www.ClaremontEAP.com.

Claremont EAP Website

Update Your Phone Number and Address with FUSD if Necessary

It is important to keep your contact information updated with the District for important announcements. Please ensure your phone number and address in the HR system (Lawson) are correct and up to date. If you need assistance with updating your phone number or address, please contact the Employee Service Center at 559-457-3514, or email them at EmployeeServiceCenter@fresnounified.org. You can also follow the instructions below while on District network to update your phone number or address yourself.

Employee Self Service Instructions

Log into to Lawson using FUSD Network: https://go.fresnou.org/lawson

Go to Lawson (within FUSD Network)
ESS Screen

You can do the following:

  • Change your address
  • Update your phone number

*If you are not able to log in, call IT at (559) 457-2600.

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