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UnitedHealthcare Dental HMO (Dental Direct) is unique for a DHMO dental plan. You are not required to select a provider as long as you and your dependents go in-network. If you receive services from a provider outside of the approved network, you would be responsible for paying the entire dental bill yourself.

To find a UnitedHealthcare Dental HMO dentist, go to www.myuhc.com and select Find a Dentist, or call 800.999.3367.

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  • Part-time employees are eligible to enroll in the UnitedHealthcare Dental HMO plan only.
  • Dual Coverage Not Allowed for the Same Dental Plan
    • If both you and your spouse are an employee of Fresno Unified School District and qualify for coverage as a Primary Enrollee, neither of you may enroll as a Dependent of the other for the same dental plan. In addition, only one of you may enroll your dependent child(ren) for the same dental plan. However, if you and your spouse enroll in separate dental plans (i.e., one enrolls in Delta Dental and the other enrolls in UHC), you may cover your spouse and dependent child(ren) in each plan.

Plan Highlights

United Healthcare Dental HMO

Annual Calendar Year DeductibleIn-Network Only
Per PersonN/A
Family MaximumN/A
Calendar Year MaximumN/A

Preventive ServicesIn-Network Only
Office VisitsNo Charge
X-raysNo Charge
CleaningsNo Charge
Sealants (per tooth)No Charge

Restorative ServicesIn-Network Only
Amalgam FillingsNo Charge
Composite FillingsNo Charge

Periodontics (gum treatment)In-Network Only
Scaling & Root PlanningNo Charge
Gingivectomy (4+ teeth)No Charge

Endodontics (root canal therapy)In-Network Only
PulpotomyNo Charge
Root CanalNo Charge

Oral SurgeryIn-Network Only
General AnesthesiaNo Charge
Simple ExtractionNo Charge
Soft Tissue ImpactionNo Charge
Complete or Partial Bony ImpactionNo Charge

Crowns & InlaysIn-Network Only
Inlay / Only (2 surfaces)No Charge
CrownsNo Charge

Prosthetics & BridgesIn-Network Only
BridgesNo Charge
Denture AdjustmentNo Charge
Complete or Partial DentureNo Charge

Other ServicesIn-Network Only
Implants$1,950 Copay

Orthodontia ServicesIn-Network Only
Child / Adult Orthodontia Phase 1 & 2$1,250 maximum out-of-pocket expense for 24-month treatment plan

clean teeth

(1)Resin, porcelain and any resin to metal or porcelain to metal crowns and pontics are excluded on molar teeth. If titanium, noble or high noble metals are requested for filings, crowns, pontics, bridges or prosthetic devices, there will be an additional charge, based on the amount of the metal used. Flexible base partial dentures are subject to an additional charge based on additional laboratory cost.

The above information is a summary only. Please refer to your Evidence of Coverage for complete details of Plan benefits, limitations and exclusions down below.

UHC Dental Summary of Benefits Coverage

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