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In the event of your death, Life Insurance will provide your family members or other beneficiaries with financial protection and security. Additionally, if your death is a result of an accident or if you become dismembered, your Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage may apply.

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Paid for in full by the Joint Health Management Board, the benefits outlined below are provided by The Standard:

Age of InsuredBenefit Amount
Less than 25
Regardless of Age

IRS Regulation: Employees can receive employer paid life insurance up to $50,000 on a tax-free basis and do not have to report the payment as income. However, an amount in excess of $50,000 will trigger taxable income for the “economic value” of the coverage provided to you.

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Required! Are Your Beneficiaries Up to Date?

Beneficiaries are individuals or entities that you select to receive benefits from your policy.

  • You can change your beneficiary designation at any time (Community property rules may apply. Please refer to plan summary or forms for information.)
  • You may designate a sole beneficiary or multiple beneficiaries to receive payment in the percent allocated
  • To select or change your beneficiary, fill out the form below.

Beneficiary Designation Change Form

Basic Life & ADD Benefits at A Glance

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