Who Can Enroll?

Permanent employees working a minimum of 4 hours a day or 20 hours a week are eligible and are required to participate in the benefits program. Eligible employees may also choose to enroll family members, including a legal spouse/state registered domestic partner and/or children.

Children are considered eligible if they are your or your spouse’s/state registered domestic partner’s:

  • Biological child, stepchild or adopted child up to the age of 26
  • Child up to the age of 26 subject to a Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMCSO)
  • Child under permanent legal guardianship up until it ceases due to child’s legal age attainment, death, marriage, military enlistment, adoption or any other reason declared by a court
  • Child of any age if they are incapable of self-support due to a physical or mental disability that existed prior to such child reaching the age of 26

No Opting Out

All eligible active District employees shall be required to participate in the Health Care Plan and pay the monthly contributions and assessments, at least at the Employee Only level, for the Plan(s) or coverage. You will automatically be enrolled in Medical Plan Option A, Delta Dental, MES Vision and Basic Life Insurance if you don’t make an election within 31 days of benefit eligibility. Coverage for your dependent(s) and/or choosing an alternate plan is available at your expense. It is important to note that if coverage is waived for your dependents, the next opportunity to enroll in our group benefit plans would be the next open enrollment or when a special enrollment event occurs.

Part-Time Employees

New part-time employees that work less than 20 hours a week may enroll in the UnitedHealthcare Dental HMO and/or MES Vision Plan at their own expense.

2022 Benefits Info Guide

Dependents Sheet

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