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When you’re seeking relief from pain caused by an accident, injury, or muscle strain, or just looking for a natural healthcare approach, our Chiropractic and/or Acupuncture Benefits may be able to assist you. These benefits offered by PhysMetrics provide you access to licensed professionals at a discounted rate.

Chiropractic Plan HighlightsMedical Plan Options A, B & C
Chiropractic Services by PhysMetrics Provider (deductible waived)$5 Copay then 100% of the PhysMetrics contract rate
Chiropractic Services by Non-PhysMetrics Provider (after deductible)
– Outside 100 miles of Fresno ONLY
– Referral must be given by a Physician & Pre-Certified by PhysMetrics
Plan A & C: 60% UCR after $100 deductible
Plan B: 50% UCR after $100 deductible
Chiropractic Diagnostic X-Ray Benefit (after deductible)100% UCR
Limited to $100 per Benefit Calendar Year
VisitsUp to 28 visits per Calendar Year

Note: For treatment exceeding 12 visits per calendar year, chiropractor must submit a “twelve visit review” and PhysMetrics must pre-certify additional visits for the remainder of the calendar year.

Acupuncture Medical Plan A & B HighlightsPhysMetrics ProviderNon-PhysMetrics Provider
Acupuncture Visit
(20 visits per Calendar Year)
$20 Copay
(Deductible waived)
Up to $20 reimbursement
(Deductible waived)

The above are brief benefit summaries only. Please refer to the Plan Booklet (Plans A and B) and the Kaiser Permanente Evidence of Coverage for additional information.

Note: Acupuncture benefits for Plan Option C are covered through Kaiser facilities at a $15 Copay (deductible waived).

Check out PhysMetrics’ website at www.fusdchiro.com or contact them at 877.519.8839 to discuss how to use the program and find a participating provider near you.

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